Acute and Chronic Diseases

Acute conditions or illnesses generally develop abruptly with sudden onset or gradually develop over a span of several days, progressing in severity. These conditions usually endure for a relatively short period, typically spanning a few days or weeks, before either resolving completely or transitioning into a chronic state if left untreated or unmanaged.

Examples of Acute conditions that we treat include:

  • Asthma – Flu
  • Bronchitis – Tonsillitis
  • Common cold – Gastroenteritis (stomach flu)

Chronic conditions or diseases develop gradually, evolving over an extended period that can span from months to years. These conditions often demonstrate a progressive nature, steadily worsening over time if not effectively managed or treated. They are characterized by long-term persistence, persisting beyond the acute phase and potentially impacting an individual’s health and well-being for an extended duration.

Examples of Chronic conditions that we treat include:

  • Arthritis – Gastritis
  • Spondylosis – Hypothyroidism
  • Nephropathy – Endometriosis